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LifeSafer partners with attorneys, treatment providers, DUI schools, probation officers and others involved in helping those arrested for impaired driving. We support our partners with a national presence, regional team members, helpful tools and resources, and special offers for your clients.

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If you are an attorney who specializes in DWI, DUI or OWI charges, your clients will need information on license reinstatement with an ignition interlock. We can help. Our attorney partners exclusive offers for their clients and a national marketing team with insight on how to help your practice grow.

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Treatment Providers

Alcohol treatment providers know interlocks can be a powerful tool to help in a client’s recovery. LifeSafer offers both mandatory and voluntary programs for clients who want or need an ignition interlock. Being able to drive and maintain employment, education and family responsibilities are important for recovery. LiferSafer provides easy to use tools and special offers to help clients navigate the interlock process with dignity and respect.

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Monitoring Agencies

Court ordered alcohol monitoring can include interlocks and random alcohol testing. LifeSafer provides both ignition interlocks and a portable alcohol monitoring solution for your clients. Our reporting platform is customized to your needs and dedicated specialists ensure you get the information you need about your clients, when you need it. LifeSafer provides resources and offers to help your clients maintain compliance.

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Authorized Service Providers

Lifesafer’s network of local automotive-related businesses install and service our products. Installers grow and expand their business through LifeSafer’s national marketing team and local operations partners.

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